You get a chance to hear a tantrum tonight, 1/8/2019!

But if you have nothing better to do tonight but tune in Trump, keep these facts in mind.

►Illegal border crossings are down. Significantly.

In 2000, 1.6 million

In 2001, 1.3 million

In 2018? Less than 400,000. That’s not just a decline.

►The counties along the southern border are among the safest in the United States.

►Most undocumented immigrants don’t “sneak” across the border.

        they first entered the country legally, and then overstayed their visas.

 ►The White House is lying about terrorists crossing the southern border.

►Migrant caravans aren’t “sneaking” across the border, either.

►Drugs entering the USA across the southern border are most often hidden in legal shipments.

►Conservative political figures and think tanks think Trump’s wall is pointless.

►There are already 654 miles of border fencing.

Have a nice day. I hope you don’t have to ruin it tonight!

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