You are my sunshine

There are days when I want to drown into the silence

Keeping my heart encaged 

Until I see a glimpse of you 

My mind and my heart fighting

To love or run…

Shall I run?

The easy answer to when I am most afraid

Running away from what could 


Or make me vulnerable 

I long for the softness of your touch 

Yet this world can be so cruel 

So I dream 

Of you and me

In a world of our own 

Yearning for someone to make me 


With him holding my heart in his 

Loving me past my faults 

Remaining by my side 

And then I wake up 

And you’re not here 

The taste of your lips 


The memory of you the sweetest

Could you let me in and see all of you?

Or will you stay in my dreams 

Where tender moments reside 

And I sigh 

The stars keep my gaze 

As I dream into them 

With my wishful heart 

Give me your lips and say you’re mine 

Let me cherish you with my entire being 

Letting you touch my soul with yours

Embracing every part of you 

And your brilliant mind

Which amazes me 

And terrifies me 

My heart has been buried 

I feel it beating more 

With excitement for life 

Yet, I’m afraid it will break

If I let you in 

So I’ll stay

Wishing on each star

That one day you might open your heart to mine 

Say you’ll be mine…

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