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Is it me, or is it just getting harder and harder each day to get up and go to work. Does anybody else feel this way?

Maybe I’m just getting old, but I am finding it a real drag to have to get up and go to work. I know, I know, unemployment is near an all time high, and I should thank the Lord to have ANY job.

I am thankful, and I do thank God for my job on a nearly daily basis, but there’s one thing that keeps bothering me; the job site is getting more and more stressful to work at. Every day it seems that someone keeps changing the rules of the work force game.

I have always been the proponent of management’s right to dictate the rules and policies of their companies. I always tell my co-workers “It’s their game; they get to make the rules.” The problem though, is they keep changing the rules, and it is making life more stressful.

My theory is that the bad economy has something to do with this trend. Every business is searching for ways to cut their costs, and their payroll. The first people they look to ax are the ones not protected by a union. Middle management employees (and some senior management) are under intense pressure to justify their paychecks. They actually have to act like they are valuable to the company.

What is the answer to their dilemma? Is it to brain storm the true problems that exist in the company, and figure out how to rectify them? No. Instead they sit around thinking up new rules for the employees to follow. They always give the same old reasons for these “important” changes; “we want you to be safer at work”, “we want you to be more productive”, but they are just trying to justify their existence.

Actually, it’s become a little more than that; and I think it is approaching harassment.

Like I said before, all companies are looking to cut payroll costs. Perhaps all these rule changes are nothing more than a brow-beating to get all older, more vested, higher paid employees to retire. It makes sense. If the company can convince older people to retire, they can hire new employees at one third the cost.

The funny thing is that older employees would LOVE to retire. However, most of them can’t afford to retire, or won’t if they have to get a job as a greeter at Wal-Mart to do so.

I have a suggestion, can all the dead wood in middle-management (what a bonfire that would make!), and use that money to raise the retirement funds of the people that actually do the work. Then they could afford to retire and make jobs for the younger unemployed folks. This makes sense to me also.

So, how are things at your work place?

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  1. A lot of things I could say here…but I won’t since I’m no longer in the Navy and my preacher says I shouldn’t cuss like a sailor (except, perhaps on very special occasions).
    When corporate makes millions but hourly have had their wages frozen since the 70’s (raises barely keep up with cost of living and rising insurance)…We have discovered the root of all evil – greed.

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