With you

There are moments in life that take your breath away 

Moments in which time stands still 

Where you feel as if you are in a dream 

Your hazel eyes deepen in the shadows

Reflecting the light from the setting sun 

Looking into your eyes 

Drinking every part of your soul 

I yearn to sit entwined with you 

Hearing stories of old and new 

Catching glimpses of a smirk that is left in secret 

To a heart so guarded 

When I feel it’s beat 

I can hear the sweet song of wonder 

Would you tell me all of your secrets 

Catching mine with yours 

Would you open yourself so I might 

Catch a taste of who I see hidden 

Would you let me catch you 

On days that you fall

Days with you I wish time stood still 

With you, time speeds until morning becomes night 

And then you are gone into the depths of the world 

While I lie awake with hopeful thoughts 

Of falling asleep in your arms 

Waking up to the softness of your lips

You take my breath away with each new thought

That is expressed

With each new vision of life

Similar thoughts floating through my mind and I wonder

Is this it? 

So I hold onto today 

To see what tomorrow will bring 

As the sight of you fills my heart 

Your words soothing my soul 

And then I drift in dreams of you 

Waiting to wake to a new moment 

With you..

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