Well Hi Again…

So it has been two years since I last posted anything here.

I am still shocked that I could still remember all my account details. Normally I tend to forget these kind of things when I have been absent from a platform for too long.

I am going to be straight with you guys; I genuinely have no excuse for disappearing. I left because I struggled to navigate and post things on this site. It isn’t as user friendly as thoughts.com was. Also, when I wanted to start posting again I simply could not access the site (I used the thoughts.com domain name). I genuinely thought the site perished, luckily after digging on Facebook I discovered that it was just under a different domain name.

So yeah, I have decided to give this blog another run and if I disappear again I simply got lost again.


4 thoughts on “Well Hi Again…”

  1. Just checking in after 2 years myself. Still as difficult to navigate and understand. There are whole pages and areas I haven’t a clue what to do with. I really miss the ease and simplicity of Thoughts.com and don’t understand how THIS is somehow better. The truly amazing part is that there hasn’t even been an attempt to do something better in the last 2 years. Oh well. [sigh] See you in 2 years?

    1. Truthfully…….it really isn’t difficult at all. It is a simple layout compared to others I have seen. Oh….let me take that back. The GROUPS are a pain in the ass. Just stick with blogs. They are the easiest. Discussion forums are pretty easy too….but many you have to join a group to post in the forum so yeah…..just stick in the blog area.

      ok ok…..you were right.
      But thanks for plopping in.

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