A recent post was headlined, “Vote to Save Democracy.”

We aren’t a democracy.

We never were.

We’re a constitutional Republic.

Whether you choose to vote democratic or republican – vote your conscience.

As for me, I’ll be voting republican. I have voted for republican, libertarian and democratic candidates in the past. There are no libertarians running that I’m aware of in my area. And the democrats have been hijacked by the socialists in their party. So I am NOT voting for the democrats, their antifa thugs, and “the resistance” to a legitimately elected president.

I believe in legal immigration NOT illegal immigration and sanctuary cities where illegal immigrants can’t be charged with crimes legal U.S. citizens are tried for.

I don’t appreciate being lectured about the 2nd amendment from people who demand tax payer dollars pay for abortions.

I believe NATO nations need to pay their fair share and I believe nations that thumb their noses at us aren’t entitled to automatic foreign aid payments.

I served in the navy. I am disgusted by the coup attempt orchestrated by the Obama administration alleging “Russian Collusion” against the incoming president.  My vote is a vote for the FISA declassification . It’s a vote for accountability and the rule of law.  It’s a vote against treason.




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