Things are different now

Things are different now. I feel so strange about it because, it seems off. People are giving me advice, that shouldn’t be giving me advice. People are reaching out to me who previously hated me. I have weird people coming into my life. My closest friend is an ex. My life is completely different and has completely new people in it.

And job hunting is an issue/non issue. I found a job, at a place I used to work. It’s an hour away, but pays so well that if I work three nights a week I can pay my bills and then some. It’s an hour commute, but I’ll be carpooling with someone until I find something closer and better.

I even have a few interviews.

There is a bit of sadness though. I had to let go of something dear to me. For my own mental health. And sometimes it’s difficult. But my life has been so much lighter and happier since then.

I have no idea what will happen in the next week, but dear lord I am trying.


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  1. Count the blessings. Remember, the glass is half full, not half empty – and life is full of curve balls (not all bad) and ironies. Things are moving in positive directions right now? Count your blessings.

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