The Switch

With my new job being all about mentors and how it affects the mentee, I have discovered that I have lost my mentor. Or at least one of them. With life, I have lost a couple. Some were only there for a little while, or helped me with something specific. But all of them . . . I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.
The switch from being a mentee to being a mentor was a sudden and obvious change that I obviously have not thought of before. We’re not supposed to necessarily be the mentor, but we’re providing help and support to the mentor who is the mentor to the kid. We’re the ones who are supposed to know all the answers, or at least know how to get those answers.
It seems so strange to me that I’m really doing it . . . I am really actually finally doing what I’ve talked about for so long. I moved, I am on my own, I’m in an unfamiliar place, I’m doing a job that will provide a lot of learning experiences and opportunities for my future career. (there’s some other things that are still on my list of things I want to do soon, but I’ll talk about those later)
I’m an adult now . . . I don’t have everything figured out, certainly not, but I am being treated as an adult. People are going to assume that I am an adult. Fake it until you make it.
It seems so long ago, yet not long ago at all, that I was in college . . .

I don’t . . . need a mentor like I used to. Having people to talk to, that’s amazing and I appreciate the friends who have made time to talk to me during this time as well as all the other times. But I can ask advice from friends and it’s more like, “I know you have to make the decision and it’s your life, but this is how I see it from over here,” and that’s awesome, because having a secondary perspective can be so very useful. Sometimes people see things that you didn’t think of or hadn’t thought of completely. 🙂

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