The Naked Moon

Survived my final work night and I’m off now for a week.  What a relief!  So looking forward to getting out and away with family for a short time.

Tonight being the full moon… the county sent me off in style.  My very first call tonight was of two girls running around a car naked.

911:  What is your emergency?

caller:  I don’t know if you call it an emergency…  You have 2 women running around a stopped car at the intersection of Hwy “a” and “b” road and they’re naked.

911:  (confused pause) Can you describe them?

caller:  Do I have to?

911:  I mean… are they white, black, hispanic?  Can you tell why they might be running?  Do they look in distress?

caller:  They’re both white.  One really should not be seen anywhere naked.  No idea why they are running around their little blue car.  Can’t tell if they are chasing each other or playing Chinese fire drill.

I had every officer on that end of the county flying that way to see these two women.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) the women had gotten into their vehicle and left before any officers arrived.

Second call came about dusk.  An older black female called:

911:  What is your emergency?

caller:  You got a white guy jogging through the neighborhood and he’s naked.

911:  Naked?  Are you sure?  Could it just be those satiny jogging shorts?

caller:  You think I don’t know a naked man when I see one?  (said indignantly)  This is a family neighborhood.  You can’t let him be running around like that.  He’s going to get himself shot.

Alas, we couldn’t find him either.  Although, I honestly don’t think too many officers headed over to attempt to locate him.  I wonder why that is?  Lol  I guess people were just enjoying the cooler weather last night.

Who knows… maybe on my vacation I’ll pull up to a random intersection and do a naked Chinese fire drill too? Lol  My kids would just die of embarrassment…  Not about having to see me do it but just knowing I would do something like that.  I might have to have my best friend over for a few cocktails and see if I can talk her into it.  She’s usually talking me into doing stunts.  Oh of endless possibilities…

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