Straight Talk, with you, you, and you.

Thursday_ November 1, 2017_ at 7:34 pm my time. Page #1

I will be straight with you. I do not give out personal info on myself like my real name, age etc or show personal pictures because of personal reasons. I have problems with several individuals and it caused me hell-ooo! In my life, you would not believe.

I will share personal problems because no one but my mom and 1 best friend knows about them so no one will know it’s me.


I appreciate your time and listening.
I will also share the good, bad and ugly and of course everything in between.

I hope you all will be patient with me.

This will be wonderful having my space and breathing room.

See my dad is a NARCISSIST.  I feel like I can’t move or breathe at times without being smothered by him. (more on that later.)

I look forward to telling about myself, things enjoyed by me and so much more.  And more than anything making a lot of friends.

Have a nice night.


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