Spider-Man Far From Home

Ok, I passed my ham test and celebrated by treating myself to a viewing of Spider-Man Far From Home. Here’s my no spoiler review for anyone who may not have seen it.

OK. Vanilla, average.

After the huge build up in Avengers End Game any follow up faced an almost impossible challenge to measure up. There were no really funny lines, no witty banter, just a ton of cgi seasoned with teen angst, and a few throwaway nods to the Avengers.

OK, vanilla, average. Perhaps the Avengers set the bar too high. Even the “surprise” ending and end credit scene seemed ok, vanilla, average.

I’ll miss Iron man, Cap, and Black Widow (until her prequel).

I fear for Thor and the guardians of the Galaxy.

1 thought on “Spider-Man Far From Home”

  1. Ok….Vanilla Average isn’t selling it at all. I don’t think I would watch a “Vanilla Average ” movie on Netflix either….so I don’t think I will ever see this movie. So go ahead…..list the spoilers.

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