Snow and School Cancellations

To this day I still find it funny.  Even if they say we’re going to get 2 inches, schools cancel.  Back in my day,,, nothing stopped school, except vacations.  Snow, ice, sleet, nothing stopped school.  The bus drivers,,, they knew how to put chains on, and the teachers knew how to drive in all weather conditions,, even Mr Kepler in his 1968 Beetle bug.

4 thoughts on “Snow and School Cancellations”

  1. NEVER was fortunate enough to get a snow day. Growing up in California ….we had early dismissal for heat a few days.
    People are more sheltered these days. Lawsuits left and right…..I can see why they do it.

    1. Now days with all the snow days and Teachers workshops neither students nor do teachers get out of school for summer vacation far far far in to June, just this side of July. Back in my day we always got out in the first week in June and school always started the day after labor day. Some areas of the state start school in tail end of August,,, but still even though they start before other areas, both with snow days get out around the same time.. Tail end of June. I didn’t really like school back in my day,,,, but if I was kid now and didn’t get out till almost July, I;d die. But the kids now don;t know how it use to be,, so to them it;s just normal.

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