Regaining yourself in order that you are not one of the deceived .

Hi, everyone I am Chad Price (aka) truthseeker639. In the hopes of a better understanding I write this. So comment openly please.

I am just a simple man of the working class and do quite a bit of research on several different topics. My main topic is how to become truly free of any involuntary servitude. The Bible stats you can not serve two masters. With that said I don’t claim that I have the knowledge to cite biblical verses or scripture. Only saying I remember reading that passage. Well I’m sure you have seen or heard of the government issued ssn controversy on the ficticus character in all capital letters of your name. Everyone seems only interested in what they can gain by the reestblishment of control over said accounts. But the more I read into the articles of the tda,the straw man,or sovereignty. I keep repeating the passage from the Bible I started this with that one can only serve one master. I really don’t want to be the deceived that they speak of in the revaluation section in the Bible and also seek more understanding of what it means to be free and liberated from any involuntary masters. If someone or anyone would be interested in discussing this topic please by all means. I would love some input thank you


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