Reality of it All

Shake it up why don’t you?

Coffee or tea Mam?

Today I shall shake things up a bit and put 2 tea bags in the cup and wait 6 min’s to be exact for the perfect cup of tea! I learned that technique from an annoying sales lady, guess she wasn’t that annoying since she taught me something that proved to be very useful in my everyday life.

The sky was grey and rain in January, such a site really and yet found it so cozy inside and with this very good tea of mine. I really had nothing to complain about. I had a few things planned out for this day yet no things were accomplished as the hours passed on this old clock of mine that sits on this very old desk. Does that make me old or just distinguished? Or a very fine wine? There you go , you got a little laugh out of me ! Tonight I sit at this desk and create such a piece of writing so that I can say I did something on this site with the funny name..

I will come back when I have better things to say


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