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Okay, here is where we stand politically. The D’s know that the two year Mueller investigation will amount to squat, and that they need to somehow cover their asses for past “transgressions”.The D’s are panicking; they control the House… So they start “investigations” to try and find something…anything they can use on Trump to cover their “transgressions”.

Buy time, so to speak.

The problem with the D’s is that you cannot investigate without evidence. ALL of the subpoenaed people (81 so far!) by the House are being harassed by the House, because they have NO evidence, they are on a fishing expedition. There is no reason to subpoena people without a basis in facts.

Meanwhile, Trump is sitting back allowing the D’s to show America that they don’t care about anything except killing newborns, keeping open borders, allowing illegals to vote, and impeaching Trump.

The POTUS has everything on the D’s, the HRC server, the Weiner laptop hard drive, the texts from Comey, Brennen, McCabe Strok, Page, etc. All of HRC’s emails, and the unredacted FISA that was illegally filed by these goons to spy on a sitting President. When Trump decides to drop the hammer on the D’s it will be an eye opening event.

Pay attention.

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