One Week Kitchen Project


One week ago today I boldly started a project in my kitchen. The project comprised using the Rustoleum Transformation Kit on my two worktops. Having thought about this for several years, it was time to stop thinking about it, blow caution to the wind, and just get on with it. The top image is the horrid colour it once was – it was this colour the day I moved in to the property over twenty years ago! The job itself meant I would lose my kitchen for one week which mainly entailed waiting for paint and sealants to cure – or go off.

I have never used the Rustoleum kits before so I had no real idea what to expect when the work was complete, but if transformation means to completely change the appearance of, then the kit has certainly done that. I shall not give all the boring details involved when doing such a job as this, but suffice to say that all the labour intense stages were all worth it in the end and, if every picture tells a story, then these two pictures surely tell their own.  

8 thoughts on “One Week Kitchen Project”

    1. Yes. It took me a while to get any traction with this project, but I did other home projects while I was mulling it over. This was the one which would cause maximum upheaval – probably the reason why I thought about doing it rather than actually doing it.

        1. I think everyone’s like that to a degree. You look at the same old décor for years and just get used to it. But at the back of your mind there’s this little niggly thought that keeps popping up and telling you to change it.

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