My welcome home party.
I actually got home from my road trip last week. I walked out to my balcony to say hello to the hills and the ocean and look who came to greet me.
A flock of Crows.
Figured it was a nice picture to welcome October.

Hi October 😉

5 thoughts on “October”

    1. IT IS! 😉
      Can’t forget the praying mantis that greeted me on my front porch when I got back. He was sitting eye level with me. Honestly…..his little head just watches everything. I stopped and looked at him and he turned his head as if to say……Yes?

  1. Awesome picture 🙂

    To comment on the Praying mantis,,, I love those little creatures. Once in a while in summer I see one or two at close up. They look as though they are as interested in us and we are to them. Really though,, they do show intelligence on some level.

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