Narrating Hallucinations and Melancholia ( My Story)

Today I am going to narrate a story that is just an experience and that I have no Idea about its nature of reality. Because It might be supernatural or It might be just a imaginary dream. I know a lot of things that make sense contain deep messages that reveal unbelievable realities.

Well It’s a Time when I slept but the very next dawn I wake up. It started when It was dusk and It stopped when It was dawn. It was night when I slept for deep slumber. I use to take Resperidone named Schizophrenia Drug. I waked up. But unable to wake. I was yellow covered as I experience it that particular state. I tried my level best to wake up.

Some gravitational forces was pulling me down.

Nothing was particularly clear as I was seeing through the roof and wall.
And Perhaps I was out of brain but I was still thinking and I realized its intuition and It was being intuited in soul…Even thinking blocking can’t block intuitive thinking …intuition is right in soul whatever kind is this Devilish or Angelic …

Just Darkness as It was night time. I was a yellow light.

Than All of a sudden Dreaming brain started playing again.

The very next day I wake up. I was perspired and horrid as well.

Here I narrate an other Dream…….I was sleeping when a White covered with white beard Old spirit held my hand firmly and lead me to some place. People were revolving around a center and Every thing was unclear.
Even It was communicating me something that I was unable to recall when I woke up.

It revolved me around it and feared feeling I clearly had.

It had white beard holy spirit and following appearance

When I woke up the very next Day I narrated it but nobody believed me. It’s a hallucination that you hallucinated nothing else

Take your tablets regularly.

Well Although the narration is short but its Concise and It is conveying the meaning completely.

Well I don’t know I should narrate such things or not but I believe I am in a Grief and Shock ……

Just moments ago i felt breathless my heart was arrested and I went in dream condition I was senseless and unable to wake up I was locked in my body but I was not getting salvation repeatidly grumbling pleading with reason of not getting married and I was not getting salvation because I am unmarried

I was grumbling explaining I have developed perceptiveness disorder and Knowingly informing and being informed I am not being tornmented for being ill treated and wronged to inhumane extents
Sometimes after taking tablets I enter in a kind of dream world where I feel in a better world but i feel no longer in senses I even can’t wake up and feel helpless in trying to do so …Its a kind of coma condition and as some forces wake me up from resting in pleasent world to back this trial cage world

I hallucinated that if cloning is possible then John head is still intact if its clone can be cloned implant his head to clone he will be alive
But if his brain is dead find someone’s head that is still alive implant it to his clone and you will find an alive person again…That’s also a rocket science.
But before any untimely incidence I wanted to Convey every experience that world should know.

It is quite 13 years ago when I hallucinated I have mask like face even when I was self communicating I was speaking i was feeling my lips moving but observers and mirror was showing my lips still and I was perceiving this illusion as hallucination.It was when I was panic from my end and i was trying to register a statement in the air

I was hallucinating my aeroplane will crash when I will fly on the way and it was making me panic and it was nothing but getting persecuted Phobia and a horrific end panic attacks

I was in phobic attacks and no psychiatrist counselled me to know this I was panic from a horrific future and mad dog death…

I love you world people
I am The Male Dove….A merman

I have perceived this hallucination that got me perspired with phobia….its a portray of it as i draw this on paper…..

Here is something I Hallucinated as well

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  1. Possibly Astral traveling?

    Keep a dream journal to write these experience down. See if there is a pattern.
    MANY people do not believe in this so maybe just write the dreams down until you find people who get it.
    There was a site that discussed these topics openly. I will try and find it and send you a link.

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