My Thoughts on the NFL Protest

It had come to my attention that NFL teams been kneeling for the playing of the National Anthem and some finds it’s very disrespectful. Here is what I have to say about it. Some may agree and so!everyone may disagree with me as well. As a Veteran, I do not find it’s disrespectful. They are protesting in a peaceful manner whether the fans like it or not. I had fought along many others for them to have that right. However, I hold these men and women with great honor that they serve this great nation. People sit there and make a big deal about any and everything Trump says. I be!I’ve in unity of everyone! This will not make me stop watching the NFL or any other sports that want to silently protest. Things could be worse such as the players can stay in for the whole game or better yet not play at all for the whole season. You can’t demand people!e be fire because of something like this.

7 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the NFL Protest”

  1. I’ve seen most talking about respect vs disrespect on this matter as well. In truth, I think that question is designed to overlook the real question, or fact if you will: “are these protests a threat to liberty?”

    Of course not. They’re actually an expression of it. But while I find most Americans know of the word “liberty”, they don’t actually treat it as a precious commodity over the generally accepted symbolism and traditions. If we did, there’d be a lot less fighting and squabbling over petty little things.

    The problem with liberty is that it means each individual has to accept not everyone will see and do things as they do, giving right for everyone to be different and thus to some degree, unpredictable and uncontrollable. So long as their expressions don’t threaten their own liberty of course. For many, if not most in some form or another, this isn’t enough when it comes to personal sense of security. Therefore, people can feel quite threatened and angered when the traditions and symbols are attacked even if principles themselves aren’t.

    As for the method of the protests themselves, I’m of the mind they won’t really make much of a difference for the point they say they’re trying to make. I see it as one of those things that will, and has, make a lot of noise, but change things not one real bit.

  2. @noahbody I agree it is a peaceful protest. Some say it won’t make a difference but what I am seeing is a systematic resistance against American and apple pie, first the statues and now sports is a venue for protest. The anthem is being taken off of Fox sports so as not to offend anyone. Is this a threat to Liberty? No. But if someone wanted to change America this is working, our pass time, our history etc. Here is a quote from Ben Carson
    Dr. Ben & Candy Carson
    on Sunday
    Here we are at another NFL Sunday. That used to represent a time of fun, games and unity. I hope we can return to that situation soon. One of the reasons we play the national anthem before the game is to remind us that even though we’re rooting for different sports teams, we are united as a country. That is a wonderful message that we should not allow to be distorted by anyone.
    Of course we all have the right to express ourselves, but as the Bible says, there is a time and place for everything. Last week I saw a story about pre-adolescent players being drawn into the “take a knee” protests. Does anyone honestly believe that encouraging even our youth to believe they are victims of our society will actually help us come together?
    I think many athletes actually think they are making things better. We would encourage them and all Americans to utilize their influence to truly draw people together and not be manipulated into doing the opposite under the guise of unity.

    1. I agree with you and him. This is tearing America apart. If they want to protest then find another venue to do so. Disrespecting the flag gets you nowhere. As mys says – why don’t they go find a young mother or child who is struggling to make ends meet and help them out financially? Or perhaps give the child a scholarship to college? That is helping. Taking a knee during the anthem is not.

  3. I do think that everyone has the right to PEACEFUL protest, and this is that. They aren’t burning the flag, or anything disrespectful. In fact, I always viewed the whole, “take a knee,” thing as a sign of respect for someone who was hurt/injured, and to me they are taking a knee in memory of those who have lost their lives to the injustice they are protesting, as well as protesting. But that’s just my opinion.

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