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  • And I also hope that that isn’t true – that what you’re doing on new years eve is what you end up doing the next year . . . I was at the airport and then a motel, where I ordered a pizza.

  • Just wanted to say hi. I haven’t been on here in so long. I look you up every time I log on, I still don’t know how this place works.
    I went through and read back to where I last read, in October somewhere. It […]

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  • I’m so sorry. It’s part of the reason I will never act on my feelings like that, is because I would be hurting a lot of people.
    She’ll come back, wanting your forgiveness, once she realizes that it’s not what […]

  • I am glad you did not die. I think of you when I am not online, This place is different from thoughts, but the people are still the same . . . I still think of you guys.

    Essentially. It’s when you feel stuck, […]

  • With my new job being all about mentors and how it affects the mentee, I have discovered that I have lost my mentor. Or at least one of them. With life, I have lost a couple. Some were only there for a little […]

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    It seems so very odd to me that it has only been three weeks since I left my old job and drove across country and started my new job. It already seems like ages ago that I was in that building . . . It seems so […]

  • Bipolar is hard to deal with when you yourself don’t have it. BUT she knows you have had this, she knows how it works. She’s been there, she’s seen it. This doesn’t have to do with you or your diagnosis or “how yo […]

  • She knows it wasn’t for attention, but it’s easier to say that than to face the truth. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all this. I don’t know what it’s like, because everyone’s experience is different, bu […]

  • She needs therapy, and yes, maybe time alone . . . But in all honesty, she’s going to feel more empty than she does now if she walks out on everyone.

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    It’s really quite strange. It’s only late at night when I think of things. Things that I probably shouldn’t think about.
    You can move to a new place, but that doesn’t mean you don’t bring all your fears and worri […]

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  • There are the friendships we have built off mutual pain, and then there are those we have built off mutual interest and advancement. Most don’t understand the latter as much as they think. Even if they do, that […]

  • It’s 5 am and I miss you now. It’s so scary to make big decisions like this. Everything is going to change, and I’m the one who changed it. I haven’t even left yet and I already miss my people, my chicken […]

  • Dreamed of K again. I had forgotten he smoked a pipe. My dream reminded me. It was so nice and relaxing, just sitting there talking with him. I am beginning to think that all this really means I should stay away. […]

  • I am exhausted and wondering if I have a fever. I’m so cold . . . It’s been crazy recently, as well as doing a bunch of overnights (overtime though made for a nice paycheck this time) I think has led to me get […]

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    I understand more and more. I found him attractive maybe because he was so optimistic. (But I’m also a sucker for good hair on a guy apparently 😛 ) Then I found out he was 18, and then everything made sense. No w […]

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