• I took my wife on a date tongiht. Just dinner but still it was nice. Imagine that! She actually agreed to a date with me!

    At first she started playing with her phone and I thoght “Here we go again. Take her […]

  • It’s been a crazy couple of days. First my wife says she loves me then she says she doesn’t. Naturally my hopes go up and down with her statements. My mood seems to follow them also. Either elated or depressed. […]

  • It’s been a long day. A bad one. Extra bad. I’ve been leaking tears all day long. I miss my wife more than I can say. Even my two little grandkids can’t seeem to shake me out of it. They simply irritate the hell […]

  • I am sorry for you. I hope it isn’t true for you too. Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes it has been a rough couple of months but so far I have survived despite the call for suicide. Thanks again. I think […]

  • Good morning world. Happy New Year.

    This was the first New Year’s eve I ever spent alone, without my wife. Needless to say it was a sad one, full of tears. I went to bed early, around 10 PM, and I laid in bed […]

  • I miss my wife. I still see her once in a while but it’s not the same. We had promised to have lunch together once a week every Tuesday but it’s been a month and a half since we did. Every time I ask her if we’re […]

  • This is confusing the hell out of me. We speak as one. We act as one. And yet we live as two. How can that be? Am I being an asshole for not going for a divorce? But I love her so much I will do anything to be […]

  • She loves me. She loves me not. Or she no longer loves me that way. I have been consigned tp brother status. So regardless she loves me not.

    She spent the night here the other night. We slept in the same bed. […]

  • I’ve been on that medicinal marijuana. So far it has allowed me to stop taking 3 out of 7 of my pills. But different strains have different reactions. They did not have the strain I’ve been buying so at their […]

  • I have not been good. It has been days since I’ve been out of bed or to the gym. I am too depressed to even move. She has a boyfriend and she spends the night with him. Oh she’ll have an excuse. It’ll be she […]

  • That’s it. I quit. I give up on love. I simply quit. I thought I could win her.back but that’s clearly not happening. She is gone forever. We have a marriage in name only. She has her boyfriend with whom she […]

  • Hey there old friend, Really good to hear from you. Hope school has been going well and life is treating you good, I don’t get on here that often either. Really do hope and pray that things are going well for […]

  • This is going to be a bad day. I didn’t sleep well at all. There was no coffee and I have no money so I had to borrow 2 bucks and bobbi’s car to run to Wawa for a cup of coffee. When I got there I found they have […]

  • Well it’s been a good few days. I have.been up. Way up. I owned the world. Now reality has caught up to me. The truth is I am broke and broken. Life sucks but it never ends.


    So how’s things with you? They […]

  • It’s been a rough few days. Between moving and trying to repair the water lines and doing my bedroom floor I’ve been extremely busy. And nothing’s done. We have cold water throughout the house but it appears the […]

  • This is another hypomanic day. It

    Started the night before last. All told I’ve had 4.hours of sleep in.2.days and I’m still full of piss and vinegar. Still on top of the world. I can do no wrong though my niece […]

  • It is a crying jags day

    No reason that I cam see. O just suddenly break out weeping. Thank God no one has noticed yet. That’s all I need is for my wife to despise me for the tears. I’ll never get her back. […]

  • Weird thing happened to me today. We were out picking up our granddaughter, we being the wife or ex wife or whatever she is now. She was driving even though it is a rental that only I am on the contract to drive. […]

  • Today has been a major bummer. I was forced to wear my mask all day and no one noticed. Not even my mom or my sister. My wife would have noticed and time was she’d question me about it. But she’s gone now and […]

  • Today has been a very good day. I think I’ve been running a bit hypomanic. Just been too high. Running too fast. A shooting star. Nothing can stop me. I am unbeatable.


    My wife will probably be home […]

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