• hahaha good story of life. I must confess, I’m not a moron either, BUT ( there’s almost always a but, isn’t there ) I can figure some stuff out,,, TV remote,,, never needed the instruction manual. In fact,, one […]

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    True, Dick Cheney hasn’t bitten any on the neck, nor slabbed or slaughtered anyone, nor is he made up of body parts from the dead. But, He did shoot his own friend while duck hunting.. I think it was duck hunting […]

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    I’d fail a field sobriety test,,, standing on one leg anytime I tend to fall over. Getting older sucks. Brain says you can put your socks on standing up,,, bed says good thing I;m here to stop your falling […]

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    Thank you

  • Must be I’m getting older. Yeah, I’ll be an old man and still listing to a little goes a long way. 😛

  • Peace through Power. A concept a liberal can’t comprehend. Things don’t always just work themselves out. I want to be a nation of so much power that anyone who screws with us would be the last thing they did. […]

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    That aughta do it. Yeah, I know I know,, Aughta isn’t a word,,, but then again Ain’t ain’t a word either,,,, or is it.

    Anyways,,, Didn’t check the mail yesterday, so checked it a few minutes ago.. In […]

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    Thank you Source. You know the old saying, ” you don’t appreciate something until it;s gone? ? that’s me. Yeah, I screwed up royally. I let the heat of the moment get me. In the future it won’t happen again.

  • While my dad was dying he had no brain activity,,, none,, zero,,,, BUT, his heart still beat’d and after taking him off of oxygen he took his own breaths for 6 days. No brain activity other than the part that keeps the heart in rythm, lungs taking in oxygen and hooked up to a bag, pissing every day and night like anyone else. He had a DNR…[Read more]

  • I remember when this song came out. liked it back then and still like it now.

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    If it has consequences then free it is not. Saying something with intent,,, now that is something different. That is not what I did. But, I’m over it now. They can have their site.

  • Is it Really free speech? If so, then why was I banned from a forum site. No, there is no such thing as free speech. Only that which people agree on.

    Did I say I’d put a bullet in his head ? no, I did […]

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    Awesome picture 🙂

    To comment on the Praying mantis,,, I love those little creatures. Once in a while in summer I see one or two at close up. They look as though they are as interested in us and we are to […]

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    Well, to be totally honest,,, I did love her at the time,,, but along the way something changed, then I gradually changed…. To the point of not giving a crap about anything. Truthfully,,,, Her kicking me out, Saved me. love is blind,,, as a bat.

  • Unrealistic alcohol intake,,, run away fast. Looking back,, I should have ran away 3 years before I finally did.

  • There’s something in our Constitution or our Bill of Rights that reads some thing to the effect of…. When the Government no longer serves the People, the People have the right to form a new Government….. […]

  • Going to ride all over the place, out to the coast when weather permits, and up the coast in to Maine and stop at road side seafood stands and have nibbles here and there.

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