• Pinkrhein and Profile picture of Infinite RoninInfinite Ronin are now friends 2 years ago

    • Bam bam! Firewalkerthesnowwatcher and I were worried about you! 😀

      • I missed you both!!! 🙂

        • Aww…
          We were concerned cause of the volcano.

        • I have an Instagram. I just followed your account. Mine doesn’t have anything on it but its a pretty good way to keep in touch with me. This place… has a lot of problems. Its not like Thoughts and thats putting it kindly

          • I am fine (despite the emotional turmoil ). don’t worry about the eruption thing. we are not bothered by it,

            i don’t have an instagram. i have an old account which i don’t really use. maybe i’ll create a new one anytime soon. i’ll just add you there.

          • and yes, i was surprised by the changes on here. seems that wordpress bought thoughts.com.