• This is going to be a bad day. I didn’t sleep well at all. There was no coffee and I have no money so I had to borrow 2 bucks and bobbi’s car to run to Wawa for a cup of coffee. When I got there I found they have […]

  • Well it’s been a good few days. I have.been up. Way up. I owned the world. Now reality has caught up to me. The truth is I am broke and broken. Life sucks but it never ends.


    So how’s things with you? They […]

  • It’s been a rough few days. Between moving and trying to repair the water lines and doing my bedroom floor I’ve been extremely busy. And nothing’s done. We have cold water throughout the house but it appears the […]

  • This is another hypomanic day. It

    Started the night before last. All told I’ve had 4.hours of sleep in.2.days and I’m still full of piss and vinegar. Still on top of the world. I can do no wrong though my niece […]

  • It is a crying jags day

    No reason that I cam see. O just suddenly break out weeping. Thank God no one has noticed yet. That’s all I need is for my wife to despise me for the tears. I’ll never get her back. […]

  • Weird thing happened to me today. We were out picking up our granddaughter, we being the wife or ex wife or whatever she is now. She was driving even though it is a rental that only I am on the contract to drive. […]

  • Today has been a major bummer. I was forced to wear my mask all day and no one noticed. Not even my mom or my sister. My wife would have noticed and time was she’d question me about it. But she’s gone now and […]

  • Today has been a very good day. I think I’ve been running a bit hypomanic. Just been too high. Running too fast. A shooting star. Nothing can stop me. I am unbeatable.


    My wife will probably be home […]

  • Depression is licking at my heels today. I think I was running comparatively hypomanic the past 2 days. Probably a mixed state because this fucking depression just won’t quit. Suddenly my life is gone. 40 years […]

  • OK. Gather your thoughts and your questions and I will do my best to answer

  • Tears. I am so full of tears. I hate those tears. They unman me. It would be a different story is I had a damn reason for the tears but I have none.

    I think my wife has found a boy friend. Everyone keeps […]

  • Well that’s a day, maybe two, of blogerrhia. I sit and I spill shit out onto the screen. What a wasted load. I ain’t worth the shit that ran down my mother’s leg when I was born. Nothing I can point to is saying […]

  • I have positional vertigo. I can move my head a certain way and the world flips. Not spins. Flips.

    I don’t know if it’s related to that or maybe my vision is just going bad but I find myself drifting to the […]

  • I am alone again. Have been most of the day. But it’s not getting to me. Not too much anyway. I start to get too wound up and I simply go smoke a bowl. Smoked too much today let me tell you.

    Time was when I […]

  • Manic Depression or Bipolar as it is more commonly called, is caused by a an imbalance in neurotransmitters in your brain. Most commonly neuroepinephrine and serotonin. As such it has a physical and not mental […]

  • What IS manic depression a.k.a.bipolar really like. It is the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows coming at you in an endless spiral. It is insanity. It is knowing you own the world and your […]

  • Not a bad day. Not necessarily a good one but definitely not bad. We’ve had some heavy showers blowing through and it’s cloudy outside and it’s a blah day. But I’m pretty stable and feeling alright. Perhaps I can […]

  • It’s been an interesting few days. I’ve been up, down and all around. I have everyone telling me to give up on my wife and let her go. I.E. divorce her. But I can’t do that at least not yet. I am not ready to give […]

  • I understand what you’re saying and it makes sense yet I cannot help but believe I’ve only gotten what I deserve. I’ve chased my wife away and one of my daughters. My son is oblivious to any of this. My wife is […]

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