• M Taylor posted an update 11 months, 4 weeks ago

    “Graciousness” is a good and practical read on the fine art of adding tact to what truth or opinion you need to say to someone. Indeed, in today’s age where the loudest and strongest wins while the quieter and more tactful appear weak, the author gives a different perspective. Around 140 pages, the book addresses such topics as:

    1. The importance of combining graciousness with speaking the truth.
    2. The Bible contains many verses about speaking graciously with others.
    3. Meeting the needs of ungodly people is the most Christ-like thing believers can do.
    4. As a good parent disciplines a child, God disciplines His children when needed.
    5. Jesus expects His children to be gracious towards others.
    6. Suggestions for rooting out harsh language and incorporating gracious speech.
    7. Ways we can develop a proper perspective of other people.
    8. The importance of waiting before you speak.
    9. Your approach and choice of words will affect the way your recipient responds.

    A very readable title, the book is also very timely and a good encouragement for speaking graciously with others. While there were some hypothetical suggestions, would have liked to have seen a few more. Still, a great read. I was given a review copy by Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for a fair review.