• “Murder at Granley Lodge.”
    Now where’s that detective? 🙂

  • The next morning Chase rose early at 7.00. After taking a shower and a brush up he got dressed, checked his emails and messages, used the hotel phone to check breakfast times, put all his personal stuff in one of […]

  • Ah! Well in that case if it’s from a holiday album then it makes more sense in general.
    And yes. . .all the facts are out there if only people could be bothered to investigate for themselves rather than just be […]

  • Thanks Monica.
    Next part coming soon.

  • Good song, but strange that a song supposedly about All Hallows Eve should have a recurring theme of Christmas running through it. Perhaps Sting got his wires crossed with this one.

  • The late night October rain splattered against the car’s windshield, and the wipers running at full speed were beginning to irritate Henry just as the turning for his hotel loomed into view. He hung a right and […]

  • Halloween: a word which conjures up images of demons, goblins, witches, gouls, pumpkins carved out to form jack-O-lanterns, fancy dress parties and anything spooky which goes bump in the night. All these things […]

  • Lovely images of your surrounding area.
    And yes. What with spontaneous fires, horrific winds, and earth quakes, it does make one wonder why people live in such risky places. I suppose that the stats support it to […]

  • Jules commented on the post, VeRtiGo 4 weeks ago

    Actually, we over here call it the same as you do: Vertigo.
    I was making a cunning (or not) reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Vertigo” . . .hence Hitchcock Syndrome.

  • Jules commented on the post, VeRtiGo 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Sorry to read about your “Hitchcock Syndrome,” I had something similar called Tinnitus when I was younger which is ringing in the ears. That makes you dizzy when you stand up and the only relief to be had is to […]

  • Jules commented on the post, Free Speech 1 month ago

    A consequence is an after effect of free speech or action. You were free to write what you did and it was that which triggered the consequence.

  • Jules commented on the post, Free Speech 1 month ago

    There are many forums out there and each one has a given set of rules which create the criteria for posting. Some sites are very stringent – especially those related to gaming which minors have access to. Just one […]

  • Jules commented on the post, October 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Great capture. . .
    and what a great view.

  • Rusty was a mongrel. He definitely had Yorkshire Terrier in him, but his other half was undetermined. His shaggy coat was a rusty reddish brown – hence his name, and at full stretch he stood sixteen inches tall. […]

  • I guess that here in the UK we are truly heading into Autumn.

    Today is a total wash out. . .good for ducks.

  • I’ve seen many documentaries on rock bands in my time, and most of them leave little or no impression upon me – I’m too old and long in the tooth to be mentally modified by such things anymore. But tonight I […]

  • Can’t argue with any of that.
    My past troubles involved getting interrupted when I was getting interrupted!
    Pass the sieve, please!

  • Yeah. . .
    Thelma & Louise wouldn’t have worked – too extreme baybee!

  • So. . .
    apart from the Abbot and Costello act, how did Heart perform?

  • I read this and all the while I thought you had taken a bunch of speed beans, or something similar.
    You went to two shows that night. . .
    first it was Heart, then it was the show your daughter and yourself put […]

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