My oldest brother has always said “If you want to ruin your plans, tell life what they are.” He’s never been more right.
    The decision to move to Surprise was something that happened very fast. I wanted to run […]

  • I’ve never considered myself to be an optimistic person. With the manner in which I was raised it was easiest to expect the worst out of every situation and be happy if that didn’t come to pass. Hope was a false […]

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    I love this. You have no idea how much I appreciate this quote. I have a Bachelors degree in English Literature and stuff like this runs through my soul. Thank you so very much for these words. I believe that they […]

  • More often than not, while perusing social media, I see my friends posting pictures and comments about wishing to just pack up their lives and leave. Whether it’s a matter of turning off their phones and […]

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