Lovestruck Confusion

It’s so distant, but I’m consumed.
How can something you’re apart of become the reason for doom?
Love, yes, love makes me feel this way.
I’m distraught, but I’m the one that fought
To keep my head in the game. Don’t wanna forget where I’ve been,
And now I’m reliving, but damn,
Glad that’s over, man.
I dodged a bullet, my friend.
Sure as hell don’t wanna go through that all over again.
But it weighs me down, yet still it frees me, too.
It’s the reason that I’m vibrant and what makes me feel blue.

I know sometimes I don’t make sense,
But emotions fuel my soul. Heartbreak feeds my essence.
I fell deep, I fell hard. Hit my head as I crashed.
Love is a very strong word, it’ll leave you breathless like ash.
Pierces deeper than a bullet, more destructive than a blade.
I’m not afraid
Anymore to let my Spongebob-loving heart reign.
Love will kill you quicker than a head on collision.
And all because somebody couldn’t stay in their lane.

It’ll get you like the flu, break you down like you got cancer.
Leaving you choking, screaming, yelling.
And you want is to inhale.
But you can’t cuz you’re stuck.
You’ve signed the contract. Ha! Good luck.
Now you’re burning, It’s lighting, undetected like antifreeze.
On your knees, begging please. I CAN’T BREATHE!

Honey, chill!
Relax. You got this, okay?
C’mon, listen, inhale.
Your mind is racing. Let it rest.
K, that’s enough for now and I know you know that, too.
Oh yeah, and don’t forget to be the one and only you.

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