Love Bug

This is my nephew Love Bug. He came into our family over 18 years ago…. My aunties found him on the street and after a week of searching for his owners brought him to my moms house. My mom fell in love with him and has had him ever since. A few years later my sister moved back home to my moms house and Love Bug and her formed this bond that was too insane for me to understand. Hence…..he became my nephew. My sister has no children so he was her baby.

He is a little old man who was slowly shutting down. He lost most of his site a few years back and other problems started occurring. I did ask my sister if she talked with him …to let him know he could go if he needed to. You know…..cross over. And she claimed she did…..but from what I could see she wasn’t ready to let him go. My sister called me Monday to tell me that he was really sick and they were taking him to the Vet Tuesday. My mom called me as well to let me know that he was shutting down and probably dying. My mom didn’t think my sister would tell me the whole story.

My sister called me yesterday after the Vet visit crying. They wanted to put him to sleep right there because he was in pain. Everything is shutting down. But my sister wants him to pass at home and asked for pain medicine to hold him over until he does pass. They gave him pain medication and he is home now (they sent this picture of him last night) They made his bed as comfortable as possible. And as I was typing this she called and I could hear him in the background. I am so sad about this and more sad about my sister. I love that dog…but animals have a better understanding of death I believe. My sister…..I don’t know if she will be ok.

I am going to go to South Dakota next week and will be bringing my sister back home with me for a few weeks. California is her home state…and I think being around the Ocean air will help her heal.

Anyhow…..the forecast calls for 3 days of rain and the clouds started rolling in. I think I will be staying home the next few days and just catching up on my reading and awaiting the news on Love Bug.

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    1. True.
      I cried a lot yesterday thinking more so about my sister. She has been in a fragile state this past year.
      I know it’s a dog…..I am not cold hearted and can brush it off as life. Because like you said…..losing someone you love is hard. And he is someone special especially to her.
      I had an online friend years ago who was a University Professor with a PhD who took a few months leave from work when her dogs life was coming to an end. She spent those months taking care of her until she passed. She also did not have kids….so I can see how the roles of these pets mean so much more to some people. NOT saying that my pets don’t mean as much to me because I have kids. But I think there is a slight difference there. I think. My mind doesn’t want to get too much into it because that can lead to bigger thoughts and I kinda am trying to keep it simple. Ha!
      She was telling me that our older sister went with her to the Vet for support….and when the Vet told them he was dying my older sister broke down there in the room. So my little sister ended up consoling her. On the drive home my older sister apologized to her and they both were laughing and crying about it.
      She called earlier and they are taking him to another Vet to get one more days worth of pain medication and If he is still here tomorrow they will take him in to have the Vet put him to sleep.
      He is moaning more but his little spirit doesn’t seem to want to leave her. I know he is worried about her….because I mentioned her fragile state of mind. So I told her again… with him and let him know you are going to be ok.
      She is happy to know she is coming out here for awhile.
      I figured talking about that should cheer her up some.
      I wanted to tell her someone should go dig a grave for him before all the snow makes the ground too cold. But I figured I would tell my other sisters about that part.

      1. Life is crazy, quirky, and unexpected, but y’all seem to have each other’s back and that makes a world of difference.

        I’m definitely a dog person but but none of my dogs ever crossed the line into being family. I loved them but loved them for what they were, a pet and a companion…or maybe I’m just to hard for a dog to love! 😉

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