Journal Nov.4.2018

This is another hypomanic day. It

Started the night before last. All told I’ve had 4.hours of sleep in.2.days and I’m still full of piss and vinegar. Still on top of the world. I can do no wrong though my niece would disagree. She says my driving is scary. I disagree. I just get impatient when I’m like this. Maybe I shouldn’t be driving or I should be driving alone. In any case it’s the blithering idiots on the road who cause the trouble.


Wifey should be home tonight or tomorrow. She may not miss me But I sure do miss her. This week at our Tuesday lunch I have to tell her the truth. She has a boyfriend whom she’s been sleeping with. He also apparently buys her lots of things. I suspect that She took him on the last 2 trips to NC which would explain why she pushed the trips back until I couldn’t go.


I have to ask her 2 additional things. 1 why does she lie to me. 2 does she love him. I suspect I know the answer to both questions. That means that when she said we could try and see how things worked out she was lying then too. The question now becomes can I trust anything she tells me. It seems like no yet I still love her and still want to believe her. I know…. I am a fool. But true love knows no reason.

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