Journal Nov 17 2018

Well it’s been a good few days. I have.been up. Way up. I owned the world. Now reality has caught up to me. The truth is I am broke and broken. Life sucks but it never ends.


So how’s things with you? They obviously suck here.


There’s still so much to move… Dear Lord it’ll never end either.

I have to find a way to fit desk into my bedroom which ain’t gonna happen. The.size.of.the.desk.combined with.the layout of the room make it impossible… But l gotta try to prove it to my daughter. The room has a radiator and a window on one wall and a closet on the next wall then a door into the hallway on the other wall which has to be used by the bed. Damn it… I do NOT want to get rid of that desk. I might store it in the shed and get Something smaller for now.


Today has been a rough one. I’ve been laying around just moping. I am headed downward for sure. I don’t even wanta go to the gym. I may not go at all . if not then I definitely have to go ttomorrow. No double.daus of slacking. Wait I think they’re closed for renovations the next 3 days. In fact I’m sure of it.


Well that’s all. Be good and stay strong and all o# that good stuff.

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