Jobs Not Mobs

The upcoming midterm elections are going to be very important. We the American People need to decide what we want for the future of our country.
Let’s look at the different platforms: The Republicans under President Trump want lower taxes, bring back productivity, and industrialization into our country. Make fair and balanced trade agreements on a one to one basis with other countries. Bring peace through strength throughout the world, and reestablish the the American Republic.
The Democrats want to bring down Trump, and keep up the Globalist agenda established under Clinton, Bush, and Obama of bringing America down to the same level as other third world nations.
Those who oppose the Democrats are being beaten down for wearing a MAGA hat, and are being harassed openingly on the streets for their beliefs. The Antifa organization who say they oppose Fascism are acting very much like the Nazis they say they oppose.
The Democratic platform as espoused by Hillary, and others say their will be no peace on our streets unless we reinstate the Democrats.
The Democrats are trying to institute mob rules, the Republicans are trying to institute “Rule under law”.
This election day, choose what you feel is best for our nation. I know how I am going to choose. #WalkAway

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