In my dream

Lying under a dark lit sky. 

There’s something about a moment 

The moon watching over you 

Never asking why. 

Dreaming of chances yet to be taken

The warmth of your breath on my lips 

Fire within. 

My hands wanting to explore your body 

With a gentle longing. 

Your eyes full of excitement and passion

Mine filled with an undying love of your spirit. 

Looking through you I see who you are. 

A reflection staring back willingly. 

Acceptance of shadows submerging into you

I grip onto each one singing a sweet lullaby of ;

Love, laughter, forgiveness, and an endless ache for life.

Willing my spirit to hold onto you with

guidance and protection. 

Wanting to keep your heart safe within my walls.

Treasuring your entire being

So I can give you my all. 

Small moments of nervousness bring life 

Simple moments each day grace me with your reverie. 

My heart dances for you. 

My soul sings for you. 

I want for you. 

Desire you. 

Oceans deepness could not set its harsh boundaries.

I will find you through the sound of your dreams. 

Waiting for you. 

Fall into me.

2 thoughts on “In my dream”

  1. The shadows fall that the night might gift us stars. The sunlight fails to give way for the moonlight’s silver peel. And all around the sound of the confusion in the world
    But always the warmth of quiet peace wherever you are…And that’s all the quiet light I need…

    Everyone should feel that way about someone, but so few do.

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