I have a secret

I would sit on a beach for hours


Of a different life 


Tears would flow down my cheeks

Full of self-loathing

Wishing for only happiness 

To find me 

I lay in the grass with my fingers

Grasping each blade 

Searching for something 

In the clouds 

Always searching for more 

For better 

Finding sorrow 

And broken trust

Until there was you 

The clouds burst open 

Allowing the sun

To kiss me 

I feel the warmth flow through

My body 

I see your soul in those beautiful

Hazel eyes

Greeting me with a smile 

Only you could give 

That melts me 

Every time 

A wistful soul with an incredible mind

So many secrets 


Those eyes 

And I wonder, will you share them with me?

If I give you my 


Will you let me hold yours?

What if I told you I had a secret?

One that makes me feel


As powerful as a crashing wave 

What would you think if I shared

My secret 

Would you hold me 

And be mine?

Would you close yourself off deeper 

In fear of losing 

Your heart

To another

What if the world could open its arms 

Instead of pushing us aside

What if 

Past hurts didn’t define us anymore?

When I see your face 

I come undone

My heart races 

My breath catches

Would you like to know

My secret?

Would you hold it 

With yours?

Through each shadow in our lives 

Brings light

And you

Are mine 

The secret from my lips to yours

Fear makes me shiver

Your eyes bring me 


I want to be a better version of me

For you

Because I have 


The deepest part of my soul 

Longs for you 

My walls want so badly 

For you to destroy them 

For as long as I have known your mind

For as long as you 

Captivate me 

I have been in love with you 

Through your words and your art

You give me waking dreams 

That capture 


That is my secret that I hold 

Deep within my soul 

In my heart you are

Mine, always.

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