Hurricane update 2

Strange day. Got up before dawn and the stars were out. As I drove my street a black cat crossed my path. Further on, I passed two cars with one headlight. But it was a normal day at work.

The news continues to play up the storm but the folks are saying, “This ain’t no hurricane Hugo.”

They’re saying the eye, or what’s left of it, should pass close to me Saturday night into Sunday morning. If nothing else it’ll be a rain maker for sure.

Right now the breeze is picking up a little and clouds are passing through from the outer bands. Flash flood watch starts tomorrow morning for the Upstate.

For me, so far, so good.

All the flood waters from the Upstate and mountains will end up rolling into the flooded areas along the coast. I feel for those folks.


3 thoughts on “Hurricane update 2”

  1. Nature has it’s way of reacting to the abuse towards her. So I feel nothing for those folks that abused nature. Of course there is always the but…but innocent people did not knew this and that….doesn’t matter though if they are innocent or not, they do possess a brain and they should not follow the flow and just take responsibility out of them, for what is done everyone is responsible, not it’s about time everybody to pay the debt that was built though those actions, and as future comes closer the debt will be larger, there are no innocents, only people that didn’t care and now they also pay.
    Fine by me.

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