Hello Thoug… I mean Thinkr.

Well hello internet.

My name is Xander and I decided to visit my blogging account at thoughts.com after a long hiatus only to discover that the site had a complete overhaul and a name change… I don’t mind since thoughts.com was a dumpster truck on fire.

I use to use the username of the Bloodlust Prince (I was an edgy teenager when I joined the site).

The only thing that slightly annoyed me is that it seems with the new overhaul my account was destroyed in the process causing  me to lose some genuinely good writing, but I guess I am at fault too for not backing the shit up somewhere else. I have learnt my lesson now.

I guess since my old account was deleted it gives me the opportunity to start afresh;  a new begining for possibly the same old crap.

So what can you as the reader expect from this blog? Well to be honest with you I don’t even know. Even my old blog never had a specific theme or topic. I simply just write whatever comes to mind. I can go from writing something personal or emotional to some new geeky obsession; I can write some satircal or humerous to something completely serious. It all just depends on the mood I am in. I tend to avoid political posts like the plague since it is generally a subject filled with people screaming their pointless arguments the whole time and nobody actually benefits anything from it most of the time.

I can’t promise consitent posts either since I have a busy life with very limited time or energy. Sometimes I can land up in a post fenzy where I can post so much within a span of a week to times where I barely post anything for an entire month.

So that is it for my first post on the the new thoug… I mean thinkr…



5 thoughts on “Hello Thoug… I mean Thinkr.”

  1. Loved your intro.

    I think I remember your screen name on Thoughts. I was on and off again over there for awhile. Like you…..life just gets busy and being online is the last thing you have time for.
    Anyhow…..glad you are here and I look forward to reading your blogs.

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