Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Miss the days when we use to LOVE Saturday morning cartoons.
    And love watching Bugs now when I actually get the jokes.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one.
    Mine…well….I can’t complain really. But I decided I want to make reservations next Thanksgiving.

      1. As you know I worked my entire life in the Casino Industry and in that line of business…unless your upper management you know you will have to work one holiday or the other. I was lucky because most of my years in the business have been upper management. But I did make sure every one of my staff had one of the holidays off. Over here quite a few wanted Christmas Eve off over Christmas Day. I had them pick their option in order. If I couldn’t give them #1 off they would get #2 or #3. I even had a few fellows who asked if Super Bowl Sunday could be their choice. They offered to work doubles on Christmas/New Years /Thanksgiving for Super Bowl Sunday.
        Super Bowl Sunday…..the day of worship 🙂 .
        But hey…..it helped me with my scheduling.
        And tips on holidays were always great.
        I am all about business being closed on Holidays and Sundays. But if the restaurant is offering……I’m taking it this year.
        I remember being younger and nothing being open on Sunday. In small town America they still do that.
        I actually remember when the first 7/11 opened in the neighborhood. No one could believe how late they were open and 7DAYS A WEEK????

        Anyhow…… I had a few people preferring to work on holidays for their own reasons. It seemed sad to me that someone actually wanted to be at work on a holiday.

        I have Christmas Reservations….because I just don’t want to cook dinner. And I usually LOVE to cook. I will make desserts for when we return. But rest assured….our server will be overly compensated.

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