If you have everything in life, but you are not happy with what is the use of that, try to achieve happiness, if you will achieve happiness then you can achieve everything,if you are not able to achieve happiness,then what is the purpose of living. Happiness doesn’t mean if you have luxuries life, money, cars, etc. real happiness is how you make happy to an unknown stranger with little things.
This all things are possible on that time while you are trying to find happiness in small thing, we cannot describe happiness in words or size, because happiness is wordless and try to make happy your someone special, family, friends, help to unknown stranger, help to animal, then u will what is the real happiness. then you will feel what is the real happiness, that time you cannot describe in the words, what you feel inside because we don’t know how much time we have left, now this time in entire world everyone is very stressful, even nowadays people are thinking only money, richness can buy happiness, this all thing is only resources, not a happiness, try to find out real happiness, happiness can be anything, but you have to find out, you have to find with your soul. Do whatever makes you happy and keep smiling.

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