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    During its hay day Thoughts had built up a fine tradition of weekly writing challenges which were set to inspire the participating authors to regularly contribute with their own short stories. These challenges came in many forms and returned some truly remarkable tales, and even more remarkable was the fact that they were written in such a short space of time.

    This week I am going to stick with tradition and offer up a simple challenge for any of you wishing to take it up. This challenge was a regular feature at Thoughts, and I think it safe to say that many Thoughtsters enjoyed the literary exercise.

    Write a story that includes the 10 words (in any order) listed below which all begin with the letter ‘A.’ As the weeks pass we will go through the entire alphabet (maybe not X?) The story can be about whatever you like, and be of any genre you like.


    So have at it and get writing!

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    Michelle Kelly

    She open the door and got out of the taxi. She did that for two reasons, the first being to make sure the front of her taxi align with the line marking the top of the taxi rank. Being the newbie, the more experienced drivers where always looking for a reason to get on her case for not following the rules of the taxi co-operative. Not that it bothered her that much that they did it. It was an absolute in life it seemed that newbies where picked on. Something she experienced enough times during her many career changes in life.

    The second reason to get out of the taxi was to walk around. Do this despite the cold affecting her arthritis. Most taxi drivers tend to sit behind the wheel the whole shift. She couldn’t do something like that, it would drive her nuts just sitting. Plus it help pass the time, talking to the people that pass by the taxi rank. Except tonight there didn’t seem to be many people to talk with anyway.

    Must be the frigid night that is keeping people indoors. Most of the people she saw where ones getting out of their cars long enough to get money out of the ATM’s just down the street. Which meant that it was going to be really slow night. That was until something made her take action.

    That something was her stomach. Time to have something to eat. “Might as well have a snack, since there is nothing better to do” she thought. She open the front passenger door of the taxi to get her can of aerosol cheese and box of crackers to snack on. Only to be disappointed to find out she ate the crackers last night and didn’t put in a new box. Her feelings of disappointment and anger toward herself where soon replaced by fright when someone tapped her on the shoulder from behind.

    She turned around real fast. Wanting to grab the appendage of the person who did that and beat them over the head with it. The guy backed off and said

    “Hey just wanted to know if your taxi was available”

    She looked the guy over. The first thing that grabbed her attention, was his clothes. Look like he had been in a time machine back to 1920 to shop at Goodwill. His clothes looked they came from antiquity. Doesn’t really surprise her, one thing she got use to doing the night shift taxi driving is you see all kinds.

    “Yeah sure, where you like to go?” she asked

    The guy mumbled something. She could make it out. But with the strong accents here, she always asked the same question

    “Could you give me directions?”

    That way she wouldn’t take someone to the wrong place becauses of a misunderstanding. A lot easier to make out ‘go left’ or ‘go right’ than some of the street names here.

    The guy became agitated like it was Armageddon and the zombies where roaming the streets now.

    “What kind of taxi driver are you if you don’t know how to get somewhere?”

    This is something always made her mad. Everyone was an expert on their own neighborhood and how to get there. Always assumed everyone else especially taxi drivers where expersts as well. She would like to see these same people be behind the wheel like she was and taking people to streets they didn’t even knew existed until someone asked to go there. Watch them ask for directions. “But be nice here” she reminded herself. After all it was a fare on a very slow night. She put on her best smile and said

    “Sorry just started as a taxi driver, still learning the streets and their names.”

    The guy gave her directions and she was happy to drop him off when she got to her destination. Listening to him being an ass for a ten dollar fare made her wonder if it was worth it. Especially when the government got one dollar of that fare in taxes, and the owner got half of what was left.

    She got back to the CBD and drove by the taxi rank that most taxis hang out at night. Looked like a bloody assembly line for taxis with so many parked there. It was popular spot for drivers and potential passengers since it was right across from one of the popular bars. She could hang out there with the rest of the drivers and make small talk with them. But it was too cold and she was in too foul of a mood for that right now.

    Instead she decided to go park the taxi in the front of her home. Go in and get some crackers for one thing. But also gave her some peace to let the side of her most people didn’t know about. That being her artistic side. Set the computer in the taxi to ring her phone if she got a booking from base. Went into her house, got the crackers and sat down at her table with some paper. Might as well write some fictional story for a writers forum on a blogging site. At least that way she would feel like she accomplish something that night.

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    Hello Michelle Kelly, and thank you for taking part in this writing forum. I seem to remember you from Thoughts? If not, then there was someone with an identical username.
    Anyway, loved the story and I had to smile when I read the last paragraph and the sneaky way you included that.

    Hope you feel inspired to write more in the future.

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    Michelle Kelly

    Thank you @jules for the warm welcome 🙂

    Yes I was on Thoughts. Back then I went by the username of Notathoughtgiven. I have to get use to how things are done here. I feel like I am learning how to do things over again 😛

    I am glad that you liked the story. I am looking forward to trying out the other challenges and posting the results on the forum. Thank you for setting up the challenges 🙂

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