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    Treat her with respect, words of love not hate….don’t degrade her…
    That’s how you talk to a woman.

    Don’t ever mistake my silence for ignorance,
    my calmness for acceptance and my kindness for weakness ~

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    Animals hugging humans… I rescued my dog from Texas… he had moved around endlessly, kill shelters, homes with numerous children that tormented him. He was not only abused physically but emotionally as well. The adoption group failed to tell us he had diabetes as he was having seizures, was throwing up and difficulty walking. The vet didn’t find the diabetes in the first of blood tests taken. He was cranky and had bit me numerous times without being provoked.

    One day he turned blind, I rushed him to the Vet and found that his sugar levels were off the chart. I didn’t want to give up on him. We give him insulin and he’s been on a diabetic diet for the past 2 1/2 years. He’s a NEW dog… sweet, loving, out going, full of energy. His personality was transformed. Being so sick in the beginning made it hard to trust him, but you wouldn’t know it now. He’s so amazing and lovable. He hugs constantly and cuddles in your lap. He especially loves to lay on my shoulder and sleep. Animals are God’s comforters with unconditional love! 😀

    Hope you enjoy this video

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      THAT was a feel good video 😉
      I have always got my cat’s from the shelter. My son wants to get a $2500 French Bull puppy so I have been trying to talk him out of it. Though they are the cutest little things with rolls and rolls of love. But who spends that amount on a puppy when you can get a shelter puppy? I keep telling him…WHERe did I GO WRONG! hahaha!

      You must be a patient person to go through all of that with your dog.

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      Thank you, Monica. I knew deep down in that little dog, his life had been difficult and he deserved to have a forever home. Once we found out how sick he was, I just had to take care of him. He was not disposable…. I love him dearly! And yes, I am a patient person, much to my detriment at times. 😉

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      I am patient to a point.
      I give children all my patience. Adults….not so much.

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