Neil Diamond

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    He is my absolute favorite singer.
    When I was little my mother always played his music.To this day I can sing all of his songs by memory. I am pretty sure because of him is why I easily fall for a man with a deep voice 😉
    When I got older…..people knew I loved all kinds of music because of all the concerts I would go to. And when they would ask who my favorite was I would always say it was Neil. Most of my friends in high school had parents that always played Neil so we all knew his songs. And being teens admitting we knew Neils songs was kinda funny.

    I was heart broken to hear about his Parkinson’s.
    He is a legend….my Neil.

    Sending him my prayers.

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    Ah, yes, Monica! Neil Diamond
    My mother absolutely loved him! Every time he came to town, we would buy tickets and take her to see him. She had the hot’s for him. 😉 HA!!! He was dancing on stage and I leaned over to mom and said look at his butt! LOL!!!! She laughed and winked at me. I have many fond memories taking mother to see NEIL! I don’t remember what year it was, but he had a home up in Aspen and would leave here and be driven Aspen after his concert in Denver. Good memories. Bet you know this song well. 😀

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      YES…love this song.
      Your mother had great taste like mine.
      Wonderful memories.

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