Young crushes and first boyfriend/girlfriends.

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    I was watching that Sting/Shaggy video and it made me think about young puppy love and our first crushes.

    I remember I was in 6th grade when tall athletic “Jay” asked me if I would be his girlfriend while we were at PE. I barely knew who he was but I knew who he was. I looked at him and said that I needed to ask my mother. Ha! This good girl thing has always been with me you see 😉
    So I got home from school and went to the kitchen to tell my mother what had happened while at school. She stopped cooking at looked at me and said that I was too young. I just shrugged my shoulders and said ok and went to change my clothes.
    I went to school the next day and he was waiting at PE for me. I just told him my mother said no and I walked away to find my friends.

    In 8th grade Jay asked me again and I just said no straight out. I had developed a crush on another guy named Albert. Albert had a funky smile and was smart, funny and chubby. Something about him always made me smile. But looking back at it now I think it might had been his self esteem that prevented him from asking any girl out. But just being his friend was so fun. I moved to a new school that following year and didnt have my first boyfriend until 11th grade. Thats a whole different story for another time.

    How old were you when you had your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Your first crush? Did you discuss these things with your parents?

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    Never discussed dating or crushes with my parents.

    In 4th grade a girl named Val wanted me to be her boyfriend. Sadly, that ended at recess when it was time to play baseball.

    In 6th grade a pretty little girl named Annette asked me to be her boyfriend. I got flustered and said something that offended her. Sadly, she became a high school cheerleader who never wanted to have anything to do with me EVER again.

    At about 15 I started dating a girl for about two years…

    At 17-18 I got stupid and dated a few of those “Whoa! Your going out with ___ ?!?” girls.

    Then I joined the Navy, that raised my standards! 😀

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    Good to see you had your priorities straight in 4th grade 😀

    I wouldn’t call you “Stupid” for dating “A few” of them at a time. You were young and I know I wouldn’t have wanted my sons to be serious with anyone at that age. At that age….it is about exploring and being wild (but safe) There is truth in the saying…..”Sow your wild oats”.

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