Gentle, Kind (Poem)

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    Do your lips seek such simple pleasures as mine afford

    Overlaid and gentle pressed to yours

    Yet warm

    With the rising heat which your lips return

    Tasting of sweet savor, and a stirring

    As portends the coming of a summer storm


    I’d kiss you, not soft in the moonlight

    But rather,

    Burning fierce, and eager as the dawn

    To partake of life and love

    And all that pertains and finds its sum

    Alive in the essence of need

    Deeply, fiercely, so that having, being, and wanting

    Find their only answer in your gasps

    Escaped the clutch and crush of lips

    Bound in need’s release

    Which makes true passion ours, and ours alone


    Kiss me, not just gentle, kind

    But lingering all the same

    To draw the breath from me

    That our spirits might mingle

    For I would in this moment be one with you

    In all things

    Touched as well as felt

    In a dance of souls

    Could we be that close and still ourselves remain


    And yet, more so than before
    Bring the summer storm

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    Oh goodness….and the summer storms are in your area as I type this. You must be busy 😉

    Another great write.

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    I don’t know that anyone reads this kind of thing on here…so I don’t post these writes so much anymore.

    Just another steamy afternoon shower here in the deep south. If you like those kinds of things. 😉

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