Grandma’s hands chapter 2

Grandma’s hand’s Chapter 2


When I arrived at Grandmas, my mom was just leaving. Mom comes by in the morning to see if Grandma needed anything from town or if she wanted to go to town. We live in close proximity from each other. I sometimes drive over just for convenience so when I leave I can go to town to do errands, but today I decided to walk over because Grandma made it sound like I needed to spend some time with her so she could tell me her dark secret.

We sat with our lunch and Grandma started her story.

“You did not know your Grandpa long before he passed on, you were young. When your Mom was growing up she was his special prize. Nothing was too good for your mom. In fact, her name Jessica was your grandpa’s favorite aunt’s name. When your mom started to date your grandpa always made sure the boy came from a good family and he insisted the boy would pick her up at the door and deliver her home on time and walk her to the door. There was one boy your grandpa did not like and your mom was smitten. Your grandpa did his best to scare him off. I understood his reservation but I told your grandpa if he just let it be the whole thing would run its course. He finally listened to me and backed off.

Then your mom met someone new and he started to come around instead of the other guy so your grandpa and I gave a sigh of relief. I liked your dad right from the start he was always polite, clean and respectful of the rules of the house.

One night your mom went to a party with your dad, the problem was when your mom came home from the party, she was with the boy your grandpa didn’t like. You know Ethan Knorr; the man who owns the farm down the street. Ethan had 3 boys Daniel, Joseph, and Justin”

“Yes, grandma I know Mr. Knorr I went to school with his grandson Mike. Mike and I dated for a while before I met and married Mark.” I said

“You dated Mike?” Grandma asked

“Yes, grandma I did,” I said

Grandma stopped for a moment, the silence seemed to last forever before she started to her story again.

“Well, your grandpa was none too happy to see Daniel, Ethan Knorr’s oldest son.”

I asked: “Isn’t Daniel the one who left town without saying goodbye. I heard Mr. Knorr and he had a big fight about something and Daniel got up and just left never to hear from him again.”

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