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    In my opinion I believe it would be better if on thoughts only there was the recent blog of Admin and all rest activity got locked, so everybody to be able to come here if they wanted. There is no reason for two sites to exist and just wait for the time to pass and thoughts.com to close down, after all since there is the opportunity to still blog there, most will prefer to stay where they feel familiar with, than come here.
    So the only way that I see and it’s the most logical one, is to lock the ability to blog on thoughts and only the Admin blog to be on top. I believe everybody could still save their blogs if they wanted and after all, months have passed from the time Admin did blog about this transition and suggested anyone that wanted their blogs saved to start saving them.
    That’s all. 🙂

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    For example read the above blog, it spreads without reasoning the fear for being real. It makes me think that people are different in reality and on Net, when it should be nothing more than a simple way of accessing the World without the need to travel to speak to like minded people around the Globe.That was the idea of Net or am I wrong?

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    In my opinion, I would suggest not letting fake email registrations,neither vpn, no reason to give fuel to stalkers.

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    I have to agree. Being that I was on Thoughts so long, it is certainly easy to want to keep going there. It is a familiar place. Although I will not post there any more, as I want to get used to this new place … many will keep returning to the place they considered to be “home”.

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      I think that Admin just forgot us as he did on thoughts. But that’s ok, since we have a whole place for us and only us!

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    Is there a FAQ spot in this new place? Maybe some simply instructions or “how-to” in this joint?
    This new spot looks nice, clean and rather sparse, for now.

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    Louis Kasatkin

    Its only these last 2 days that I’ve become aware of this transition. Are my blog posts on Thoughts.com still retrievable?

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      Colorado Dreamin

      The blog posts on Thoughts.Com are not retrievable. I’m sorry Louis.

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    I think some of the “people” on Thoughts should be locked down to rot with the site. It had turned into a wild west landscape and was no longer any fun, at least for myself, after 7 years and multiple user names. Some of the Thoughts alumni are just plain vile and useless, IMO.

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    It sucks to see Thoughts go but with the problems it was having I think many weren’t logging in anymore (cause you sure couldn’t delete an account ~ guilty of trying), myself included, so it wasn’t too hard to forget. But at the same time, the only reason I found out about this new Thinkr is because I wanted to try my Thoughts home again.

    We’ll adjust. I guess it’s still just the beginning. Hopefully it’s a chance to make it something great again and I am thankful that the community at least exists somewhere.

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