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    Alright…..I have something to say…..and I will get back to this.
    Because I tried typing it out a few times already and as usual I veer off in all directions and end up typing a recipe.

    I will get back to this.

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      Well, OK, if that’s your truth and you’re sticking to it! 😉 😀

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      Yeah…..I will.I was going to sign on and write my “love at first sight” story and ended up reading new stuff and trying to write and ended up going in circles.
      So now I am behind 2 responses.
      I am easily distracted you see 😉

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    I cause headaches not distractions with the females of the species! 😉

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      Try as you might…..I am not a headache person.
      I’m sorry …..I am no fun I know. 😉

      Ok….about this topic.

      What I have learned is that for me….. I prefer to pick and choose my audience for what ever topic I may want to address. There are times I could careless and will just say….so and so is a jerk. But there are times I just don’t want to give energy to an audience that is deaf or blind to certain topics. I read words and think….WOW….just WOW. I am not a teacher or a wise Oracle to open peoples eyes. I make a choice to not address an audience. It’s not that I want an audience of like Thinkers. But when I choose to give my energy to such discussions I want it with an audience of diverse thinkers who have open minds and can see other sides of issues. The goal isn’t to change their views….but hopefully we can see each others views and understand where we are all coming from. Because I like to understand why people think the way they do.

      I use to work at a college for my Aunt. She actually wrote all the proposals and hired legal people to get this college it’s credentials and it’s doors open. She is very intelligent and very crazy. But that’s beside the point. The only reason I agreed to work for her was it was an opportunity for me to continue my education while I worked there. It was a deal she made with me. I could take classes while I worked. Anyhow…..The professors would come in for meetings and I got to sit with them and absorb their knowledge. They came from all walks of life and political parties and I enjoyed them all. Of course the meetings would veer off into current events and to hear these groups discuss issues with passion and grace and respect to each other was something I am grateful to have witnessed.

      If that type of debate happened everywhere without people mocking others for their opinions or where people are made to feel less than….could you imagine what we all could learn from each other?

      Anyhow…..there have been a few topics on here I wrote a response to and decided to delete it. I do feel passionate about some things but there is a place and time for me to “just say it”
      I remind myself why I come to this place…and it’s just to relax and be light hearted.
      Though I do want to respond to a post you did in the political or discussion forum. But it’s gonna have to wait cause I took so long writing this response.

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