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    We often have intuitions of truths. Some truths we accept and others we ignore. As we persevere in ignoring something our sensitivities become calloused until we are beyond feeling. This act is called ignorance.

    Ignore: To refuse to pay attention to; disregard.

    Ignore-ance: the state or condition of disregarding.

    An anagram of regard is the Scottish word garred which means to compel or force (someone) to do something. But since we’re dis-garred, it’s something being done of free will.

    Another anagram of regard is grader. A grader is a person who determines a things position in a scale of ranks or qualities. A dis-grader would mean someone who determine a things lack of position in a scale of ranks or qualities.

    An anagram of ignore is region. Ignore is apparently a vast region and one who lives there is an ignorant.

    Ignore-ant: one who freely choses to live in the state of not qualifying.

    And that’s my fun with words for today! 😉

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    I get this. Many cultures have chants and songs that call upon energies. And in many cases tone is key. In our culture us women are to sing in a higher tone.
    Many don’t get it. This video us covering different ideas…but for the most part it’s the same.

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    It’s all about sound, vibration, and frequency to westerners…your right of course, to other cultures different terms apply to the same underlying principles.

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