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    ok so I have been conspicuous with my absence but i did not see this comming. Now all my previous work is lost, the poems ,short stories, rants and jokes gone. my laptop suffered a hard drive attack and my copies where lost. that aside this new format and WORD PRESS being a big hog of the blog market not sure about this at all

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    Hello there! Welcome to our new home. It’s different. Way different. And most of us are muddling around trying to figure it all out. I haven’t been here much because I haven’t had much time to play, but I’m sure the long, cold winter on this side of the world will provide me with opportunities to write and read.

    Nice to see you around.

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    it is good to be back, I have had life get in the way too. My constant visits to the doctor and complete exhaustion, grand kids and every other little thing have prevented me from doing anything much. but i am going to make an effort and start writing again. i would dearly love a cold snowy winter! we didn’t drop below 65F all winter. (i used old money cos i know you understand that!) anyhow it is time for work and i will catch up later !

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    This is a return of sorts after many incarnations. Many times previous I have tried WP but was always daunted by it’s complexities. This version seems to be a bit more casual. I hope it is now more sanitized and civil than that from which this particular site sprang. I look forward to splashing many syllable laden word concoctions into a bedding down of my thought processes.

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