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    How is the activity here. It seems that there are sub-groups that need to be joined to be part of discussions.
    How does this work here?


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    Ohhh….its a little slower than slow around this place.
    People don’t care for the format and the privacy issue and this and that.

    We have Forums and Groups which are pretty much the same.
    And you have blog entries.
    We wanted to create new forums but only could by creating a group. Which made it complicated because you had to join a group to join the conversation. It could be so much easier around here but at the moment though we are Admins….we don’t have needed passwords to make those changes.

    But we do what we can when we can.


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    I’ll join up to groups and hang out, I am not in a rush anyway

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    Not that I want to bail out of this place, but would you be a member in any other forum or know of one where there is more activity? Hope it’s not rude asking about other forums here in this one.

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      No…not rude to ask.
      I am not on any other forum. One I was on closed shop a few years ago. I know a few of the people from that site went to a few different ones. One I know of is called “Answer Mug”

      The other site was called……jeez can’t remember at the moment. Let me ask someone and I will let you know the name as soon as I find out.

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