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    Woops! Robber accidentally shoots himself in the penis while holding up a hot dog restaurant

    Jimmy Nsubuga
    Sun, 12 Nov 2017 21:42 UTC

    A man has apparently shot himself in the penis by accident after allegedly robbing a hot dog restaurant.

    Terrion Pouncy, 19, is recovering in hospital after the incident at the Original Maxwell Street Polish, near Halsted St, in Chicago, on Tuesday.

    He had apparently tried to put his small-caliber pistol in his trousers after he stole money, a smartphone and wallet when he threatened two workers at around 6am, the Chicago Tribune reported.

    But something went wrong as he ran from the takeaway and he ended up with a gunshot wound to the groin and thigh, court papers said.

    He didn’t manage to get far with the injuries and decided to phone emergency services a short time later and tell them he was shot, according to court documents.

    Police did find a sweatshirt similar to the one the suspect was described as wearing.

    It has not been revealed if a gun was retrieved but court papers added Pouncy had been seen throwing an object over a fence.

    Police did find a sweatshirt similar to the one the suspect was described as wearing.

    An employee, who suffered an unspecified injury, also retrieved his wallet from a location close to where the suspect allegedly shot himself, the report added.


    Talk about your instant Karma!

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    Too bad this doesn’t happen more often — it might give pause to the men that are carrying guns that have killing or robbery on their minds. 🙂

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      sure, like men are the ONLY ones who play with guns or commit crimes using guns. I argue that it is men who are the only idiots it is reported to have accidents with handguns, sometimes while in the act of stupidity, including attempted robbery

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    Alright you two, March ten paces, turn and fire!

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    Actually, now isn’t a good time. 😉 I’m takin’ a bath with my hat on. 😀

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    Well that should pretty much disarm Marvin…as for me, I’ll let you decide if that’s a pistol in my pocket or if I’m just glad to see you – with your hat on 😀

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      You leave me speechless most of the time — 😀 😉

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      I still haven’t figured out to reply to a specific post versus a general post of a reply like this one.
      For the record, DREAMON… Bath? Hat ON? Dayum cool! lol
      EZ & CL, you’re right lol

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    C Lewis

    Ha! Can’t think of a more fitting punishment. lol

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